Eclipse Sports Pvt Ltd

In 2017, Eclipse Sports was formed as an apparel manufacturing company. After facing many challenges and hardship Eclipse Sports became a successful venture. Our Team at Eclipse Sports have been fortunate to form its niche in the international market as a successful brand in a short span of only 5 years.

Eclipse has painted its name in the world of apparel with its understanding of the international market, customer care and carving new paths of innovation. The company serves multiple customers attaining the current annual sale of 5-6 million USD yearly.

Eclipse sports mainly produces garments in fleece, cotton jersey, polyester interlock, polyester fleece, compression fabric, jacquard, woven twill and polyester fabric. Our team at Eclipse sports comprises of professionals ranging from marketing heads, R and D, quality PPC and production making. We ensure that each piece from production to packaging is produced to the consumers satisfaction. Our team properly inspects every fabric, pattern, and accessory for quality maintenance before sending it into production.

In order to maintain the quality at Eclipse sports, all our products are tested at each stage of production at our labs. Our lab facilities are fully equipped to monitor the latest tests and protocols. Eclipses Sports is certified with BSCI, SEDAX, ISO 9001.

Our team eclipse sport is dedicated toward achieving maximum customer satisfaction, with the highest standard of our products.